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Pregnancy Test

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with or without Genetic Testing

What is it?

IVF is a process where the eggs and sperm are combined in the lab to create embryos.


IVF usually involves taking injectable hormone medications for 9-12 days. These injections can be self-administered into the skin on your abdomen. Prior to starting the IVF cycle, you will have an education session so you feel comfortable giving yourself these medications in advance. During the time you take these medications, you will have cycle monitoring appointments where we will perform ultrasound and blood tests to ensure your body is responding as expected to the medication. 
Once the follicles on the ovaries have grown we will schedule you for your egg retrieval. 


IVF for our patients is done in collaboration with Markham Fertility Centre (MFC). Procedures such as egg retrievals and embryo transfers are performed at MFC. They are the only clinic in Ontario that has an Anesthesiologist present during the egg retrieval to provide deeper sedation for the procedure, making it typically pain free. 

Once the eggs are retrieved and collected in the lab, they are combined with sperm. Any eggs that fertilize are now called embryos. Embryos are grown in the lab for up to 7 days before they are either frozen or transferred back into the uterus. 

Embryos can be frozen for as long as you need them to be. There was a recent live birth from an embryo created 27 years ago. 
You also have the option to request genetic testing of the embryos. This is known as Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). Prior to starting your IVF cycle, your doctor will discuss PGT with you and you will be invited to participate in a live webinar with Markham Fertility’s Genetic Counsellor to do a deep dive into benefits, risks, and costs. 


  • Advanced reproductive age

  • Poor sperm quality and/or quantity

  • Blocked fallopian tubes

  • Unexplained Infertility

  • Recurrent pregnancy loss (IVF with genetic testing)

  • Other treatments have not been successful

  • Endometriosis or pelvic adhesions

  • Patients requiring an egg donor or surrogate

  • Patients with certain inherited genetic conditions (IVF with genetic testing)

Who is this treatment for?

What is my chance of pregnancy?

The chance of pregnancy per embryo transfer is 35-40% for an untested embryo and 60-70% for a genetically tested low risk embryo.

About half of patients need more than one IVF cycle to become pregnant.

IVF costs between $11,000 and $13,000. Genetic testing of embryos costs on average $4,000 (this is dependent on the number of embryos created). Medications cost $4,000 - $6,000 and may be covered by private drug benefit plans.

The Ontario Fertility Program offers one funded cycle per patient per lifetime. This funding would cover the IVF costs but not the genetic testing or medication. Due to limited funding in the program, the current wait time is approximately 18 months for a funded cycle.

What is the cost?

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