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Egg Freezing

What is it?

This treatment allows patients to preserve their eggs for future use. 


Age is the most important factor in determining egg quality. Your eggs will never be as healthy as they are today. 

The egg freezing process begins with a consultation with one of our

physicians. Initial tests typically include a pelvic ultrasound and a blood test called AMH. Together these tests can help predict ovarian reserve, and predict how many eggs could likely be retrieved in one egg freezing cycle. 

If you decide to move ahead with egg freezing, the process is similar to the IVF treatment. Patients typically need to take injectable medications for 9-12 days, during which patients have 2-4 cycle monitoring appointments where blood tests and ultrasounds are performed to ensure your body is responding as expected to these medications. Once the follicles on the ovaries have grown and look like they may be ready for retrieval you will take a trigger medication and prepare for your egg retrieval. 

The egg retrieval procedure is performed at Markham Fertility Centre under deep sedation. The procedures are usually pain free as Markham Fertility Centre is the only clinic in Ontario that has a dedicated Anesthesiologist present at the procedures to provide deeper sedation. By the end of the day you will also know how many eggs were frozen. 
.many eggs were frozen.

  • Patients who are being proactive and want to preserve their fertility

  • Patients who may need to undergo treatments that can harm their ovaries such as chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery

  • Patients who are planning gender affirming treatment

Who is this treatment for?

How much does this treatment cost?

One egg freezing cycle can cost between $8,500 and $9,000. Medications can cost approximately $3000-$4,500 based on dosage and may be covered by private drug benefit plans.

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