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Pregnancy Test

Natural Cycle Monitoring

What is it?

Ultrasound and blood tests are performed in the first half of a menstrual cycle to help predict when ovulation will occur. A confirmatory blood test can also be performed a week after predicted ovulation.

New patients of the clinic may be recommended by their doctor to do one course of cycle  monitoring to better understand their menstrual cycle. During a natural cycle a follicle will grow and develop on an ovary. When that follicle has grown (usually to at least 1.7cm) ovulation will likely occur shortly after. We combine the ultrasound findings with blood work to monitor a patient’s LH and Estrogen levels to predict exactly when ovulation will occur. 

Usually in natural cycle monitoring you will have 2-4 appointments in the first half of your menstrual cycle, before ovulation occurs. You may have 1 additional appointment one week after ovulation for confirmation. 

How many appointments will I have?

How long are the appoint-ments?

Cycle monitoring appointments typically take 30 minutes to complete both the blood test and ultrasound. a patient’s LH and Estrogen levels to predict exactly when ovulation will occur. 

  • Patients who do not have regular menstrual cycles 

  • Patients who have difficulty predicting the timing of ovulation (for example if ovulation predictor sticks have not worked for them at home)

  • Patients with short or long menstrual cycles

Who is this for?

What is the cost?

There is no direct cost to the patient for natural cycle monitoring. The blood tests and ultrasounds performed are covered by OHIP. 

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